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Resolve the Conflicts, Fuel Success

It’s a tough situation. You’re caught in the middle between wanting to retain your brilliant leader’s amazing contributions and helping employees upset about that person’s abrasive work style.

You’ve talked to the leader over and over. Maybe things improve for a while, but it doesn’t last. They just don’t get it. You’ve tried everything you know and now you’re stuck.

It’s okay, I’ve got you covered!

Building on Brilliance is the proven strategy you need to instill enduring, positive change.

With Building on Brilliance:

Your star executive is determined to protect his revived effectiveness and reputation, and is energized because co-workers now respond favorably to his direction.

Your employees feel heard and understood, lighter and more confident. They begin sharing ideas and stretching to their full potential, knowing they’re safe and taken seriously.

Your organization gets back to business―enjoying renewed spirit, productivity and innovation―and fully benefits from all the talent on board to carry out your mission.

Confidential, straightforward and focused, Building on Brilliance is customized to meet your organization’s needs.  And by working one-on-one with your leader, I help them appreciate what triggers the upsets then build their management repertoire, so they connect with their team in a productive, professional manner.

The program also includes:

Strategic discussions to align the process with your organization’s desired results; clear progress typically begins within three to four coaching sessions.

Interviews with all concerned parties (including the leader, affected co-workers and key management) at the beginning and end of the process, with one strategic check in mid-way.

Up to sixteen one-on-one coaching sessions with the leader to examine the situation, guide self-reflection, practice new behaviors and implement ongoing feedback mechanisms.

The result?

Building on Brilliance frees your leader and employees to enjoy rewarding collaboration, which keeps them―and your organization―on the path to ever-greater success.

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