Hooked on your top performer’s stellar results yet frustrated by their abrasive style?

Jeannie DuncanI’ll help them master the collaborative skills and mindset they need to rally their team, instill lasting, mutual respect and continue leading your organization to ever greater success!

Employees, people you trust, are complaining about your organization’s star performer, a pacesetter known for achieving amazing results. You don’t want to fire him (or her), but he’s making people miserable. Aggressive and demeaning, he lacks the people savvy needed to read interpersonal situations and respond constructively. Meanwhile, team productivity and motivation are down. Absenteeism and attrition are up. It’s critical you fix the situation but you’re not sure how.

“In a meeting in front of everybody he said, ‘You can’t be that stupid. Are you trying to set me up?’”

“I know HR talked with him. Talented people left because of him. Is the organization afraid of him too?”

“He actually said to me, ‘A thinking manager would have anticipated that.’ He didn’t offer to help me find a solution–he just shook his head and walked away.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

My name is Jeannie Duncan and I work with brilliant executives whose abrasive leadership style jeopardizes their career, and the well-being of their teams and organizations. My program, Building on Brilliance, helps them appreciate others’ gifts and contributions, and instill positive, authentic means to lead, so they’re free to create the ultimate results they care about most.

That way, when the conflicts resolve and collaboration is restored, your leader, employees and organization get back to business―enjoying renewed spirit, collaboration and productivity.

Ready to transform your leader’s challenging behavior into a priceless opportunity for greater success?

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To your success!


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