About Jeannie Duncan

Executive Coach, Transformation Catalyst, People Savvy Guru

Jeannie DuncanJeannie Duncan works with brilliant leaders who can make a big difference in the world–once they get the “people thing” right. Her passion is helping leaders with an abrasive style wake up to the wounds they inflict, align their quest for excellence with the talents and well-being of their teams and organizations, and fully takeoff on their path to stardom.

Most of Jeannie’s clients have endured a lifetime of being perceived as insensitive and abrasive. They have little trust in others and few tools to build positive work relationships, so compensate with aggressive, demeaning behaviors to produce the stellar results they’re known for. Working with her, they discover a non-judgmental ally who holds them accountable for their words and actions, and helps them rebuild a foundation of authentic, competent leadership that values respect and collaboration. Jeannie’s greatest joy is watching new insights bloom as their limiting beliefs disappear.

Jeannie has 25 years of corporate leadership experience in talent management and organizational development roles across the U.S. and in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America. Optimistic, focused and intuitive, she moves well across cultures and has a gift for seeing the big picture of any organizational system, along with the genius and contributions of individuals and teams. To broaden her impact, Jeannie stepped out of the corporate world in 2014. Now she serves the top executives who need her most, across a broad range of industries, to create healthy, mutually-rewarding workplaces–and help bring the world to a better, more vibrant place.

Accredited in the Boss Whispering coaching protocol, Jeannie also has three Master’s degrees–in Educational Administration, Human Resources Management and Development, and Organizational Development—and her PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She adores spending time with loved ones and friends, exploring new places, traveling with her husband and reveling in the great outdoors.

Group Certified Coach

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